2006-11-01 6:03 p.m.


My student teacher, Sarah, refers to any extended celebratory period as a "palooza,"like when your birthday is on Wednesday, so you celebrate on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, AND Saturday--birthdaypalooza!

So, I think this year, we had Halloweenopalooza. Weenopalooza for shorterer. We started with the dojo costume party on Saturday and just kept going through Tuesday. We were pirates, but ultra-cool ones. You can get a lot of pirate mileage out of old, crappy Elizabethan garb. I made a few new pieces, but I sewed a lot faster when I lost my concern for historical accuracy. We looked very Hollywood. It was great fun! Of course, one of the gals at the party was a *professional* costumer, so I was a bit ashamed of myself. She didn't seem to notice, though--she specializes turn-of-the-twentieth-century stuff.

Last night, we had decorations up (huge black cat silhouettes in the windows, big bat on the front door, two cool punkins carved by Mr. Pirate Samurai), seasonal music on the CD player, and a boatload of candy. Nephew Alex came over, squeezed his four-year-old self into a muscle-y Batman suit, and went around with his mom and dad. He barely notices me--he's all about his uncle. "Where's Unca Frank? Can I sit in his chair? Can I play with his Batmobile? When is he coming home?"

We had about 30 trick-or-treaters, and I think our presence on the porch thwarted some bag-snatching. It's hard to be a nefarious band of ne'er-do-well teens when every nice lady in your neighborhood is on her porch, urging you to "Come get some candy!" Of course, we also got a good look at their faces, and they had to be sweet and say "thank you," so bag-snatching on our turf just didn't seem wise.

My poor 8th graders were melancholy about Halloween. They're just beyond legal trick-or-treat age, but a bit young to be entrusted with little sibs. They really don't know where they fit in. Maybe next year,we can come up with an activity at school on Halloween, just for them.

Gotta go scratch the Thunderpup's tummy, before he knocks my chair over.

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